Terms and Conditions

1 Preface

  • In this document, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” refer to Nedsom Financial Services, a foundation under Dutch law, registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 32088878 and with registered address at Kamp 71, 3811 AP Amersfoort. The terms “you” and “your” refer to you, our customer, or anyone who uses our services.
  • These terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to the use of Nedsom Financial Services website, mobile application, products and services. Please read these Terms carefully and contact us if you have any questions.
  • Nedsom Financial Services Foundation (hereinafter Nedsom) is licensed by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) to offer payment services as a payment institution within the European Economic Area (EEA). We are supervised by DNB.
  • The original version of these conditions is made in Dutch. Other language versions of these terms are made for your convenience only. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy, the Dutch version will prevail.
  • These conditions are effective from the date you first use and / or register the Nedsom website. The conditions may change from time to time.
  • Nedsom was founded to help clients send money to their family and friends and receive money from family and friends around the world. For security reasons, we recommend that you only send money through Nedsom to people you know personally.
  • These terms and your agreement to the use of our services are valid until further notice.

2 Requirements for using the service

  • Users must be at least 18 years old to create an account with us and use our services. The services are only offered to users who are registered residents of the European Union or who have a visa to stay there.
  • Users are only allowed to open one account, unless we have agreed in writing to open additional accounts. When duplicate accounts are detected, Nedsom can close or merge these duplicate accounts at its own discretion.
  • You undertake to act on your behalf when using our services and to use only accepted payment methods linked to an account in your own name. You further undertake to notify Nedsom in writing if you are or have been a politically exposed person (PEP) and therefore have or have had a high political or state position, or are a family member and / or a close associate of a person with such a position. You further undertake to notify us of any changes in this regard.
  • By accepting these terms, you confirm that neither you nor the recipient are subject to sanctions imposed by the EU, the UN and / or the US and that our services will not be used for illegal purposes such as money laundering, financing of terrorism or fraud. Nor will our services be used to dispose of, acquire, hold or use funds arising from criminal activities.

3 Availabilty

  • Our services are normally available 24 hours a day, however availability may be limited due to a failure in our systems or a partners systems or during technical maintenance. Nedsom is not liable if a transaction cannot be executed due to such restrictions.

4 Conduct a transaction

  • To ensure that a transaction is executed correctly, you must follow the instructions given at the time of starting a transaction.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all information, such as, for example, the recipients details (including name, address and telephone number), the amount and the reason for the transfer have been entered correctly. Nedsom is not responsible for any errors because you have entered incorrect information. At the time of payment, you give your approval to conduct a transaction.
  • For your convenience, we will send you a written confirmation upon receipt of your transaction order. We can also send a message to the recipient. However, this may not always happen. Nedsom cannot be held liable for this.
  • You undertake to ensure that the recipient will display and / or provide any client investigation information requested by us and / or the Paying Party. This includes valid identification documentation and / or other information as reasonably requested.

5 KYC requirements

  • We are required by law to conduct client research on you in order to provide you with our services.
  • You agree to identify yourself with eID or by providing a copy of a valid ID as indicated in our Service. Unless you have identified with eID, you undertake to ensure that we have a copy of a valid proof of identity at all times.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided when creating an account is complete and correct. You must notify us immediately and provide additional information if the information provided expires or otherwise is no longer complete and / or correct. Please note that our customer records can be updated from official registers, so you should inform our customer service if this is not correct.
  • You agree to comply with any reasonable request from us or our partners to provide more information and in a format acceptable to us. In addition, you agree that we may, directly or through a third party, ask questions and perform any checks we deem necessary to validate or supplement the information you have provided to us.

6 Our commitments

  • Subject to these Terms and Conditions, we agree to provide our money transfer services to you with reasonable care. You acknowledge that these services may not be available in whole or in part in certain regions, countries or jurisdictions.
  • We are not obligated to process every transaction. When you submit a transaction request, you ask us to process the transaction on your behalf and you agree to the execution of the transaction. We can choose whether or not to accept the offer to process that transaction. If we decide not to process the transaction, we will immediately notify you of that decision and refund the transaction amount we received, provided it is not prohibited by law.
  • If we choose to proceed with the transaction, we can still suspend or cancel it after our own consideration. Nedsom reserves the right to change or terminate the transaction or any part of the transaction at any time without prior notice. We can also refuse any transaction request or impose limits on the transaction amount after our own consideration.
  • We cannot guarantee that the paying party has sufficient funds to pay out the transaction in the currency you have selected. If the paying party does not have enough money in the selected currency and the recipient chooses to receive the money in another currency, Ultimately not be held responsible for any exchange rate differences or fees charged to the recipient.
  • We do our best to process the transactions as quickly as possible, however, any transaction may be delayed or canceled for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: our efforts to verify your identity; to validate your transaction data; to contact you; or due to differences in opening hours and currency availability; or otherwise to comply with applicable law.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by law enforcement actions, government action, war or similar situations, strikes, exclusions, boycotts and blockades or other unusual or unpredictable circumstances in the Netherlands or abroad that we have no influence on and the consequences of which we would may have occurred. The reservation regarding strikes, exclusions, boycotts and blockades applies, even if we ourselves are subject to such measures. If there is an obstacle for us to process a transaction or to take any other action due to circumstances as described here, the action may be suspended until the obstacle has ended.

7 Your obligations

You are responsible for:

  • Comply with the Terms and Conditions (as applicable from time to time), as well as all applicable laws and regulations and specific instructions provided.
  • Ensure that the information provided to us is valid, complete and correct at all times.
  • That private information, such as login details, passwords and the like, is used and handled securely and that it is kept secret and inaccessible to unauthorized persons.
  • Notify our customer service as soon as possible by email or telephone if there is reason to believe that an unauthorized person has accessed or become aware of login credentials, passwords and / or equivalent information. If you fail to follow the security instructions outlined above, you are responsible for any damage caused to us and any costs arising from the use of our services by an unauthorized person. Unauthorized debits must be reported directly to the relevant bank in order to block the relevant bank card / bank account and recover the relevant payment.
  • View completed transactions and check for inaccuracies.

8 Commission and exchange rate

  • Information about the applicable commissions and exchange rates are available after you have logged in to our service. The exchange rate is calculated by Nedsom based on the market rate and a possible surcharge, such as from time to time. Before the approval of a transaction, the exact commission and exchange rate will be shown in our application.
  • We are not responsible for any taxes, fees and / or other charges not incurred by us that may apply to a transaction, including but not limited to possible payment card fees or charges applied by telephone service providers for text messages or other data or telecommunications.

9 Amendments

  • If these terms are changed, we will notify you at least two months in advance. If you consider it necessary, you can immediately terminate your agreement with us by sending a written notice to our customer service during this period. If we do not hear from you during this period, you will be deemed to have accepted the proposed changes and they will apply to you from the effective date stated in the announcement.
  • We may change our commission and exchange rates with immediate effect and without prior notice to you, however you will find the exact commission and exchange rate for a specific transaction after logging into our application. You accept the change before approving the transaction.
  • We may change and update our website, as well as our services, at any time and without prior notice. Updated information can be obtained when you log into our application. You can always contact our customer service if you have questions about such changes and / or updates.

10 Termination

  • You can terminate these General Terms and Conditions after one months written notice. We can terminate these Terms and Conditions with two months notice.
  • We may also block or limit your account at any time and / or terminate our agreement without notice if we have reason to believe (on our own consideration) that:
    1. You intentionally or unintentionally violate any provision of these Terms and Conditions or any other policies or instructions related to our services, and no immediate correction takes place upon a request from us.
    2. The use of our services is not secure
    3. We are asked or recommended to do so by a competent court, regulatory authority, government agency, law enforcement agency, and / or industry association
    4. Our services are misused for fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorist financing or otherwise in violation of any other applicable law or regulation.
  • You can terminate these General Terms and Conditions after one months written notice. We can terminate these Terms and Conditions with two months notice.

11 Intellectual property

  • The Nedsom website and the money transfer services, the content and all intellectual property rights relating thereto, and contained therein, are the property of us, our affiliates, or partners. All rights, titles and interests of and in the Nedsom website and the money transfer services remain our property and / or the property of such other third parties.
  • You agree to use our services only for your own personal use and only as permitted by these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with all information provided within our application. Our services should not be used to test it for commercial use or to obtain information about the application / website or about us.
  • You may not use the Nedsom website, the money transfer services or any part thereof for any public or commercial purpose without our express written permission.
  • You give us the right to transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to third parties. We also have the right to engage third parties to meet all our obligations. You may not transfer your rights and obligations under these terms to a third party.

12 Complaints

  • If you wish to submit a complaint, you can send it in writing to the address stated on the contact page of our website, or by email to: mailto:[email protected].
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within seven working days. We will investigate your complaint and will come back to you with the results of our investigation no later than fourteen working days after receipt of our confirmation of your complaint.
  • If you are not satisfied with the way we handled your complaint, or the outcome, you can submit the complaint to the Kifid (Financial Services Complaints Institute). This is an independent organization that handles complaints about financial products and services.
  • These general terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law.

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